Conference Topics

Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

Sub Themes:

1. Decentralised Natural Resource Management

(Topics - Community Conservation Practices; Biocultural Protocol, Traditional Conservation Practises and Rights, Case Studies of LSGs/BMCs/JFMC, EDC, NGOs, Local Institutions, Women and Civil Societies in Biodiversity Conservation, Co-management of Forests, Environment Protection, Waste Management etc., Best Practices at Local Level in Biodiversity Conservation)

2. Landscape Approaches for Biodiversity Conservation

(Topics – Threats and Challenges to Conservation, Protected Area, Wild Life Corridors, Ecosystem Restoration, Modern Tools for Biodiversity Monitoring; Land Use Planning, Conservation With Multiple Land Uses, Urban Landscape)

3. Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Nutritional Security and Wellbeing

(Status and Trends of Agricultural Diversity, Floral and Faunal Diversity, Forest Biodiversity, Marine, Coastal and Inland Biodiversity, Below Ground Biodiversity, Biodiversity for Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change)

4. Biodiversity - Sustainable Utilization and Benefit Sharing

(Topics –Bioresources and Traditional Knowledge, TK Based Process/ Product Development, Patenting, Technology Transfer, Protection of Traditional Knowledge, Case Studies of Access to Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expressions; Natural Products and Bioprospecting, Access and Benefit Sharing Models,Sustainability Models in Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries Sector, Sustainable Harvesting Protocols, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ecotourism)

The congress includes keynote address and plenary lectures, and oral/ poster presentations. The focal theme will have invited presentations and panel discussion of experts.

Participants for the Conference will include Researchers, Technologists, Teachers, Industrialists, Environmentalists, Planners, Policy Makers, Social Workers and Students.

Important Dates

Submission of abstracts :


Communication of acceptance of papers :


Submission of full length paper : 12.02.2017

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