Capacity Building Workshops

Environmental protection, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity will be successful only through the involvement of local communities. Individuals need to be aware of the types of actions they themselves can take in order to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity. The capacity building programmes will provide a very vibrant platform for discussing and exchanging views on contemporary topics related to biodiversity conservation and sustainable utilization of bio resources.

BMC Meet (22nd February 2017, Tagore Theatre)

An inclusive programme for conservation, sustainable use and equitable sharing of benefits of biodiversity can be addressed only as a People’s movement.  Mainstreaming biodiversity issues at local level planning and prioritizing the areas/ species for conservation and commercial utilization will result in greater focus on conservation and resource management for sustainable development. BMC meet will serve as a platform for sharing of experiences, issues faced, implementation of BD act and rules and ABS provisions and to suggest / propose various projects for conservation of biodiversity within their jurisdiction.

Haritha Sangamam (26th February 2017, Tagore Theatre)

Farmers’ had played an important role in maintaining the diversity of agricultural crops and are the custodians of germplasm of several landraces/farmers varieties/folk varieties etc. Harithasangamom will offer a venue to the farmers to share their views and present best practices on sustainable agriculture. Local health practices form an oral and non-institutionalized body of knowledge and the Nattuvaidya sangamom will provide a platform for an interactive session to share their experiences on sustainable utilization of bioresources.

Important Dates

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Submission of full length paper : 12.02.2017

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